Exclusief FM



On the 2nd of August 1990, it all started at 98.3 FM, at that time known as the frequency of -X-Clusief FM. Two people started playing music (as a joke) known by almost nobody. Music like House, Mellow, Techno and oldstyle Techno.

In the beginning there were only some broadcasts at Saturday evening and Sunday evening.

We didn't know if this music would be popular, but it became a real hype. In the beginning the station broadcasted almost non-stop, but it was worth a try. After playing non-stop for a long period of time, we thought it was now time for something else and we started making a "live" program.

The presentation of the first program was done by Maurice v.d. Bent while Harry Mulder was doing all the live mixing.

It was a complete surprise for us, getting phonecalls with Live greetings, requests and more. Radio -X-Clusief had really become the hype in The Hague, but Radio -X-Clusief wanted more.10974428_787308934637608_295334923698887878_o

This meant more transmission power, more broadcasting and finally another frequency. This because of a legal radiostation that broadcasted on 98.2 FM so we had to go to 98.1 FM. From that moment on 98.1 FM has been the frequency of THE HOUSE STATION -X-CLUSIEF FM. Listen 7 days a week to the #1 House-Station of the Hague.

We broadcasted every evening from 22:00 PM till 7:00 AM next morning and every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 21:00 PM until ???? LIVE !!!

This wasn't possible any more since the beginning of May 2003, when the Dutch government started an action called 'Etherflits' to "clean up" the Dutch FM broadcast band. Since then -X-Clusief FM was on 96.1 MHz. After being caught several times, we decided to pay more attention to the online streams.